April 20, 2019 
Racer Swap Meet scheduled as part of the NOPA "Fall Shootout":

2004-09-01 10:08 by Northern Organized Promoters Alliance

As part of this years "Fall Shootout" at River Cities Speedway....a Racers Swap Meet is being scheduled for Saturday Sept. 18th from 10am to 3pm. NOPA members may display and sell FREE of charge......and a small $ 10 fee for NON-NOPA members will be charged.

This will be an excellent opportunity to sell items you have for sale, or start your search for items for the 2005 season.

Items already being listed include:

1996 Specialty Fabricated Modified
C&S 850 Holley Carb
305 Heads
88 Olds Delta Pure Stock

* Watch here for more items to be listed prior to the meet.

NOPA "Fall Shootout" at River Cities Speedway Sept. 17-18th:

2004-09-01 09:52 by Northern Organized Promoters Alliance

The seasons largest event is once again just around the corner, and drivers from the entire region are making plans to attend the Annual River Cities/NOPA "Fall Shootout" Friday Sept. 17th & 18th.

This years program will feature two complete shows......Day 1: Regular NOPA points program, and Day 2: NOPA Double Points Night.

Saturday's highlight adding to the Double points program will be a Racers Swap Meet right on the grounds of River Cities Speedway from 10am to 3pm. NOPA members will be able to buy, sell and trade race items free of charge as an opportunity to get prepared for the '05 season a little in advanced. NON NOPA members are also welcome, and may set up for a small $ 10 fee.

The hopes for this years NOPA "Fall Shootout" is to eclipse the 130 car count of two years ago. 150 is the goal....and all drivers are urged to be a part of this exciting race program.

Race divisions scheduled for the "Fall Shootout" include: NOPA 4 Cylinders, NOPA Pure Stocks, NOPA Streets (Wissota legal streets welcome), NOPA Super Trucks, NOPA/Wissota Super Stocks, and NOPA/Wissota Modifieds. Wissota points will NOT be awarded for Supers or Modifieds for this event.

Camping is available right on the grounds FREE of charge, so bring your tent, camper or motorhome and enjoy the bonfire Friday night.

NOPA 4 Cylinders and NOPA Trucks....REMOVED from July 17th race

2004-07-14 12:36 by Northern Organized Promoters Alliance

Due to lack of apparent interest by the NOPA 4 Cylinders and the NOPA Trucks in the July 17th River Cities Speedway race program, they have been DROPPED from the card. RCS made has made contact with driver reps to discuss this and information that was gathered showed a shortage of interest by drivers in both classes. Added to the card is the Northern Outlaw Mini Sprints.

All four other divisions of NOPA are scheduled to compete this weekend as part of River Cities Speedways fan appreciation day.

NOPA Teching aims at bringing things back to order.........

2004-06-22 09:37 by Northern Organized Promoters Alliance

During the off season this past winter, the NOPA Promoters faced an increased desire by drivers throughout the NOPA region for better teching, and has since taken that task head on. Each of the six current NOPA promoters made a committment to hire and train individual track tech officials and voted on and passed a resolution to hire and bring on an official NOPA tech to oversee and act as an advisor to the tracks.

The first wave of spot teching was administered the weekend of June 11-13 at three of the NOPA sanctioned race tracks, and was considered by the promoters and tech officials as a success. The drivers and teams should be commended and thanked for the cooperation, and as the 2004 season continues should be assurred that the process will begin to be defined and made more efficient.

Several highlights to the weekends teching.......drivers across the region need to remember, that it is YOUR responsibility to know whether or not your car or equipment is legal. Spot checks or weekly teching will NOT allow any leniency for rules that are directly effective to the performance of your entry. On the other hand.....rules regarding safety or those NOT effective to performance may be given a grace period to correct, and be decided and directed by the track and official making the call. A suggestion may be to inspect your car for any questions you may have and direct them at the officials at the track prior to them being found at an event. Teching will be done for compliance of both NOPA and Wissota sanctioned rules.

Again teching will continue throughout the sanctioning group either in a spot check or weekly track teching. Please be aware as this proccess is defined, that local track tech officials may NOT have all the answers to your questions, but they do have the network to get the answers for you within a reasonable amount of time. Much of the teching during this spot check was done for performance enhancement by the NOPA tech, and the track techs have been working at general compliance in regards to safety.

Remember teching isn't being done to remove drivers from the sport, its being done to ensure fair and honest competition on and off the track, and isn't being done to just the drivers.....as tracks are being checked for inconsistancies as well.

NOPA 2004 Point Standings

2004-04-10 20:31 by Northern Organized Promoters Alliance

Welcome to the official website for NOPA point standings.

For more information about NOPA, please see our main website: noparacing.com

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 4N Nolan Olmstead1579 
 1R Rick Delaine1563 
 2 Aaron Holtan1347 
 57 Kevin Sexton1269 
 7 Danny Staff1126 
 77X Mike McCaughan1422 
 22 Rod Peterson1334 
 35 John Halvorson1305 
 14 George Balcaen1297 
 2 Bill Mooney1090 
 44 Jim Hunter950 
 2 Bill Klym/Dave Buffie893 
 1 Stu Fraser879 
 7 Ryan Weiss/Ricky Weiss874 
 8 A. Proskurniak/S. Prosku853 
 71 Steffan Snare1609 
 12 Jim Geringer1525 
 44W Dave Wittner1507 
 5E Shane Edginton1183 
 75 Jamen Foss1131 
 7C Brandon Heddan/Kelly Cl907 
 43 Mike Peterson/Tim Peter814 
 3D Dave Riegert780 
 18 Travis Beito778 
 17 Randy Jawaski767 
 94 Lee McRae1181 
 49 Les McRae1162 
 7 Hugues Plante1077 
 17X A. Beamish/M. Syvret917 
 17 Jim Mulholland852