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April 20, 2019 
  For the purposes of the 2003 North American Championship, Track and Driver recognizes the following race car classes or divisions:  
  Full-body, fabricated chassis race cars, including: all IMCA, WISSOTA, UMP, NLRA, ALMS and similar Late Model type cars.  
  Winged and non-winged sprint cars.  
  Stock-frame, open-wheel race cars. Including all IMCA, UMP, AMRA, WISSOTA and similar Modidfed style race cars.  
  Open-wheel, fabricated chassis race cars. Including all D.I.R.T., Big Block, 358, Sportsman Modifieds and similar style race cars.  
  Stock front frame clip, full-body race cars. Including WISSOTA SUper Stocks and similar styles such as Sportsman and Limited Late Models.  
  Stock body, stock chassis race cars. Including classes such as Hobby Stocks, Pure Stocks, etc.  
  Truck body racing classes.  
  All 4-Cylinder race cars. Including Mini-Stocks, Mini-Mods, Ponies, etc.